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HRETD is equipped to provide a complete consulting service to companies who conduct their own training in-house. Feel free to contact us for a quotation.

Why do companies need a training consulting service?

In-house accreditation solutions
First of all, companies who provide their own training need to be accredited as a registered training provider. Such companies may require assistance in obtaining these accreditations through the appropriate SETAs. To this end, HRETD offers an advisory service to help companies familiarise themselves with the procedures, legislative requirements and legal documentation for successful accreditation. For more information on provider accreditation, see certificate outsourcing solutions.

In-house training solutions: Train the Trainer
It may be the case that a company has identified an individual or individuals who are suitable to provide in-house training to staff members. In such instances, HRETD is able to offer Train the Trainer interventions, in which identified candidates are trained to a standard where they can impart the necessary skills and training to other employees. Such Train the Trainer interventions are most often required, and thus offered, in categories such as lift trucks and cranes and to a lesser extent, earthmoving machines. After Train the Trainer interventions have taken place, HRETD can assist in compiling the candidate assessor’s Portfolio of Evidence for submission to the relevant SETA.

Training services and outsourcing solutions
In addition to the above, we also offer accredited training packages, as well as certificate outsourcing solutions, which includes appropriate internal moderation and the secure archiving and submission of learner data.

Other service solutions
HRETD also provides ad hoc services such as rigger evaluation and on-site scaffold inspection. Contact our skills development advisor for all your training advisory and service needs.


  Mining and industrial training

HRETD are providers of accredited and non-accredited training for the industrial and mining sectors. Whether you require full (initial) training for your operating staff or recertification (refresher) training, we can assist in all the main categories such as lifting machines, earthmoving machines, driver training, specialised training giving by subject experts, and Health & Safety training. For a complete list of training courses offered, download our course directory.

Course Directory 2017
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