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The 'Certification' pages on this website have been written to give you a better understanding of what can be expected once training has been conducted and how the outcomes will be conveyed to you, the client, as well as to the learner.

Proof of training

Once a training assignment has been completed by the skills development practitioner, he will hand a copy
of the Training Summary/Attendance Register to the contact person. In the event of an inspection by the Department of Labour, this Training Summary/Attendance Register constitutes proof of training in the interim, while your certificates are being processed and issued by HRETD.

Certification processing

The training material and outcomes are processed by HRETD’s dedicated operations department. Learner portfolios are checked and verified for supporting documentation such as identity documents and proof of prior learning (where recertification training has taken place) and moderated by an internal moderator (if applicable). Thereafter, each competent learner’s training record is captured and assigned with a certification serial number. The appropriate HRETD certificates and carry cards are then issued to the client, after which the training assignment data is captured for the NLRD and submitted quarterly to the relevant SETA. HRETD then requests learner Statements of Results from the relevant SETA for client delivery. On completion of this process, records are archived in a secure environment according to legislation for easy retrieval and external moderation (if required).

Optional services

We offer additional certification options and services to our clients on request. For a small fee, will laminate your certificates for durability, and slot-punch and apply clips to your license cards. For time-sensitive certification, we offer overnight delivery to your post office and overnight door-to-door delivery.

Optional service prices  
Lamination per certificate: R5.00 each
Apply license card clips: R5.00 each
Overnight delivery (counter-to-counter): R70.00
Overnight delivery (door-to-door): Contact us for a quotation.

Speak to our skills development advisor about expedited certification.

Errors and omissions

While every care is taken to issue certificates as accurately as possible, errors and omissions can and do occur on occasion. Kindly check/verify your certification package on arrival to ensure that everything is in order. Should you discover any errors, please report these by contacting

Re-issuing of certificates

If an error or omission was generated by our operations department, replacement certificates will be issued free of charge. Should an error or omission occur as a consequence of the client/learner furnishing incorrect information, or if certification is lost by the client, replacement certificates and licence cards will be re-issued at R50.00 per set, and postage or courier fees charged at the prevailing rate.
Temporary competence certificates

As a free service to our clients, we offer temporary certification, which may be issued on site by the SDP on completion of training, before leaving the client’s premises. Temporary certificates are recognised as proof of competency and are valid for 21 days in the event of a site visit by the Department of Labour, assuring complete peace of mind. Kindly note that temporary certificates are not issued as a matter of course and must be specifically requested by the client.

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