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HRETD offers a range of training material for your inhouse training needs.

All HRETD courses are fully accredited by the relevant SETA and unit standard-aligned where applicable.

Our courses are issued in a hard copy format as well as on disc. All training material can be issued bearing the client's company logo.

To order training material from the categories below, please contact our skills development advisor.

TETA-Accredited courses:
Category Unit Standard Code
Maintaining Health/Safety/Housekeeping US 8016 NA
Counterbalanced Lift Trucks US 242974 F1 to F3
Counterbalanced Lift Trucks over 15 Tons US 260818 F4
Defined Purpose Lift Trucks US 242981 F6, F7, F12
Advanced Defined Purpose Lift Trucks US 242972 F5, F8, F9,
F13 to F17
Pendant Controlled Overhead Crane US 116235 C30
Cabin Controlled Overhead Crane US 116231 C31
Truck Mounted Crane US 242978 C32
Rigid Heavy Vehicle US 123253 NA
Vehicle Combination/Lowbed Cargo Securement US 123254 NA
Mobile Cranes US 242982 C33, C34,
C38, C43
Heavy Cranes US 116254 C35, C36, C39,

CETA-Accredited courses:
Category Unit Standard
Operate a Grader US 116078
Operate a Rigid Dump Truck US 116097
Operate a Roller US 116089
Operate a Skid Steer Loader US 116210
Operate a Tracked Dozer US 116058
Operate a Tractor US 116177
Operate an Articulated Dump Truck US 116330
Operate a Backhoe/Loader US 116333
Operate an Excavator US 116047
Operate a Face Shovel US 116054
Operate a Front End Loader US 116102
Operate a Wheeled Dozer US 116045



  Mining and industrial training

HRETD are providers of accredited and non-accredited training for the industrial and mining sectors. Whether you require full (initial) training for your operating staff or recertification (refresher) training, we can assist in all the main categories such as lifting machines, earthmoving machines, driver training, specialised training giving by subject experts, and Health & Safety training. For a complete list of training courses offered, download our course directory.

Course Directory 2017
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