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HRETD is proud to offer moderation services to complement the initiatives of companies who are accredited as in-house training providers. Contact us for your internal and external moderation solutions.

About moderation

The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) defines moderation as the process which ensures that assessment of the outcomes described in the National Qualifications Framework standards or qualifications, is fair, valid and reliable. Plainly speaking, a moderator is a person, other than the assessor, who has no special interest in the outcome of an assessment and is therefore impartial and fair. It is the moderator’s job to ensure that an assessor has followed procedures in assessing the competency of a learner.

Moderation is thus just another term for quality assurance, wherein the moderator determines whether the assessor assessed a candidate according to set standards. Moderation can be internal, focussing on the training assignments of another assessor in the company, or external. The rule is that external moderation is done on the insistence of a SETA or an assessor or on appeal from a learner.

The purpose of moderation is as follows:

To ensure that no gap exists between training and     assessment
To assure quality throughout, from course design to     assessment
To ensure a consistent level of competence among
    learners and to prevent discrepancies
To ultimately maintain consistent levels of training and
ensure the commitment of all stakeholders

The principles of moderation are carried out to ensure that results are valid and reliable. Assessments are checked to ensure that no candidates are awarded a unit standard or
qualification if not found competent against the specific outcomes. Conversely, moderation also ensures that no candidate is denied a unit standard or qualification if found competent. It is the responsibility of the moderator to ensure that unit standards and qualifications are awarded in a consistent manner, throughout industry sectors.

Furthermore, the moderator is expected to contribute to improvements in the quality of assessments. The indicators are fairness, validity, reliability and the practicable implementation of assessment policies, instruments, processes, records and decisions. As part of their ambit of activities, moderators provide ongoing constructive feedback to assessors in the interest of continuous quality improvement. It is preferable, although not mandatory, that moderators are also subject-matter experts, so that they are able to judge whether acceptable assessment decisions have been made by the assessor. To this end, HRETD are able to deploy such subject-matter expert moderators who understand the training that has been given. Our moderators are experts in the area of lifting machines, earthmoving equipment and many other training categories.

We offer our moderation solutions at competitive daily and hourly rates. Feel free to contact our skills development advisor for more information, or to request a moderation quotation.
  Mining and industrial training

HRETD are providers of accredited and non-accredited training for the industrial and mining sectors. Whether you require full (initial) training for your operating staff or recertification (refresher) training, we can assist in all the main categories such as lifting machines, earthmoving machines, driver training, specialised training giving by subject experts, and Health & Safety training. For a complete list of training courses offered, download our course directory.

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