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TNovice candidates must be 18 years and over with a minimum of Grade 10 certificate or NQF2 equivalent and hold the appropriate vehicle driver license for the class of vehicle they will be operating.

For any queries regarding the requirements and conditions of front end loader training, feel free to contact our skills development advisor for more information.

Emergency response procedures and personal protective equipment

We focus on personal protective clothing, emergency response procedures, safety measures at the scene of an incident and examples of dangerous goods incident reports (SABS 0232-3).

Driver’s duties, documentation and behaviour

The driver, professional attitude in the work place, pre trip inspections, roadworthy and inspection requirements for the vehicle and behaviour en route.

Loading and off-loading dangerous goods

We cover loading operations, the off-loading operation and other aspects that need to be considered.

Vehicle stability

We detail centre of gravity and forces and load distribution.

Fire fighting

We discuss classification of fires and extinguishing methods, action to take in case of fire and attacking a fire.

Assessment methods

We conduct a formative theoretical assessment at the beginning of the course to gauge the learner’s initial understanding (novices only). At the end of the training, a summative theoretical, as well as a practical application assessment is conducted, and the learner is found competent, and if not, additional developmental areas are identified and suggested.

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